November 3rd
A Marathon for the BJJ World—26 hours of Seminars
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Built by rolling,
growing by

Giving those dealing with Mental Health Issues a new outlet through Jiu Jitsu

A study by Yale University & The University of Oxford

fewer poor mental health days of those participating in group exercises.
45 min
3-5x a week, results in better mental health than those who exercised less or more each week.

We are a nonprofit

Built around giving. We believe, from our first-hand experience, that the fighting community in general, and BJJ circles specifically, possess a great deal of positive energy that is often redirected back into the community and emerging needs.

Committed to helping others

We want to create a movement that means nothing more than opportunity, inclusion, and rolling.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu saves lives

It is a mental, physical, and emotional sanctuary for those who are called to it. Rollshop is a door for those with no accessibility. Rollshop is the bridge between those who have and those who need.