The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle should always begin andend on the mat. What happens in between is another story. That’s the story we want to tell. Our core is built around giving. We believe, from first hand experience, that the fighting community in general, and BJJ circles specifically, possess a great deal of positive energy that is often redirected back into the community and emerging needs.

We are here to accelerate, foster, and honor that energy.

Our world often hosts and promotes the tension held between opposites. RollShop doesn’t believe in opposites.  We believe that the mat represents a Hallowed Ground. A space where combative narratives dissolve and people can tell their own story. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu saves lives. It is a mental, physical, and emotional sanctuary for those who are called to it. But what about those who need it but have not yet found an accessible pathway to it? Roll Shop is committed to working endlessly and tirelessly to transform BJJ positive energy into new martial arts journeys for those who need it the most. Even if they don’t know it. Help us to #BringItIn. Be a part of a movement that means nothing more than opportunity, inclusion, and rolling.