Frequently Asked Questions

What rank do I need to be to set up Shop?
We are cool with purple belt. But if you are conducting your sessions in a gym, this decision needs to be in agreement with your owner/instructor.
What if I train far away from the people I want to serve?
Hit us up. We will work with you to find a space, buy some mats, and put together the resources you need to be successful.
What if I need help finding the people I want to serve?
We are an organization made up of black belts, non profit gurus, School Principals, Athletic Directors, Law Enforcement, Youth Court Officers, business owners, professionals, and big-hearted people. We will work tirelessly to tap into your local orgs so that you can find the need and put that need on the mats.
Are there rules about who I can set up my Shop to serve?
For the most part, no. Funding will always drive our ability to support you. We envision a future where Roll Shop sessions are meeting the needs of not just youth but military veterans/law enforcement, domestically abused women, AA members, physically handicapped, the homeless, or any group you see that needs a viable pathway to Jiu Jitsu.